In a world where everything needs to be done faster, more reliably and at lower costs, it’s more important than ever to use our collective talents to help our customers (and us) succeed. United under this shared mission, we’re reimagining productivity.


Since the day the Wolter family began this business, we haven’t stopped growing. We’re not just talking about the number of people we employ, products we offer or locations we have, but in the way we’ve been able to evolve alongside our customers.


That’s why we’re so excited for this next phase in our evolution. You and the people we serve are the heart of our success. You’re not just employees or customers – you’re family. And like a family, we’ll soon be sharing the same name: Wolter.

Effective January 1st, 2022, all Wolter Group companies have been integrated into the Wolter brand. Scroll down to learn more.


Taking cues from the existing Wolter Group brand identity, our new logo and tagline visually represent the energy and momentum our customers have come to expect from us in a more simplified package. While the new Wolter logo will eventually come to represent all brands currently under the Wolter Group umbrella, we’ve developed a set of transitional logos to bridge the gap between now and the completion of our brand evolution in 2022.

Our former brands helped us build who we are today.

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Now, our collective expertise is under one name: Wolter

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We Are Wolter

We have more to offer you than you may realize. See for yourself with this brief video.

Wolter Live

Weren’t able to catch our live event but don’t want to miss out on the action? You’re in luck! Watch the full event now.

Q&A Session with Jerry

In case you weren’t able to make one of our live virtual sessions on May 12, you can catch Jerry’s answers to your burning questions here.

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To Our Wolter Friends and Family

Since 1962, we’ve made it our mission to treat everyone – from our employees to our customers – like part of the family.

As supportive, honest and dependable strategic partners, we firmly believe that this family-first approach has been the heart and soul of our success. And, like any family, that means growing over time.

By constantly assessing our customers’ needs and assembling resources to support them, we’re evolving alongside them. From our early days in a two-car garage to the large and diverse company you see today, we haven’t just gotten bigger, we’ve gotten better.

With all of this growth and change, we realized that we’d outgrown the Wolter Group name. We’re not just a collection of material handling, automation and power systems companies, we’re an industry-leading provider of integrated productivity solutions. More than a group, we are Wolter.

So, you’re going to see some changes. However, as we transition away from many brands living under one roof to a single Wolter brand, we promise we’ll be the same Wolter family we’ve always been. We’re still going to help our customers implement faster, safer, more reliable and smarter solutions – but we’re going to be doing it together.

We’re proud of the team we’ve assembled. We’re proud of the growth we’ve seen. And we’re excited to be entering this next chapter of the Wolter story with you.

Jerry Weidmann, President and Otto J. Wolter, Founder & CEO

Wolter Products & Service Catalog

New Wolter Catalog

We’re excited to share the newly branded Wolter catalog with you! To view the whole spread, download here.

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Our Mission

Create serious competitive advantages for you, our customers, by leveraging our products, services and our people’s unique skill sets to reimagine your productivity opportunities.

Our Vision

Ensure mutual long-term success by transforming your operational productivity into a serious competitive advantage.

Don’t Panic

When you’ve worked for a company for as long as many of you have, change can be a difficult thing. But we’re here to guide you through the process. Don’t know what logo to use for letterhead? What to have embroidered on shirts? No worries! Just reach out to Marketing at contactus@woltergroupllc.com with your questions.

Exciting Things Are Coming

  • New graphics on our Wolter vehicles and buildings
  • Fresh swag to show off our new look
  • A new Wolter website, with user-friendly commerce functionality

What to Expect During This Rollout Process

As it turns out, adopting new branding – even one that’s so familiar to us – is a complicated process. That’s why we’ll be rolling out our branding in phases. Here’s a brief timeline of what to expect and when.

May 19

Vendors and partners will be informed of this name change via email.

May 25

Customers and prospects will receive their first of 3 emails to announce the rebrand.

May 26

All existing websites will be updated with transition logos; pop-ups and links will be added directing visitors to public-facing landing page for more information.

Late May

A press release will go out to media outlets announcing the rebrand.

June 1

Work will begin on our new Wolter website that will integrate all of our brands.

July to October

Each branch and location will be rebranded, including service vehicles and signage. Celebration events will be hosted at each location.

January 2022

All brands will begin using Wolter branding.

Summer 2022

All existing brand websites will be consolidated into a single website: the new and improved WolterInc.com.

You’re Invited to the Brand Launch Party

We hope you’re ready to celebrate. As part of our brand launch activities during the coming months, our president, Jerry Weidmann, will be visiting each Wolter location. You can ask questions about the rebranding process or just enjoy some quality time with your work family. We’ll keep you updated with dates and times for your location celebration.

Q&A Session


Food & Refreshments

Fun with Friends

See What Our Customers See

Want to learn more about this process from a different perspective? Check out our customer-facing landing page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our organization has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. We’ve strategically added products, services and capabilities to better meet our customers’ needs in a rapidly changing world. But as always, it’s our people that really set us apart. The more our people continue to come together as a team throughout the organization, the stronger our story and our value to our customers becomes. To better represent this unified approach to addressing customer challenges, we felt our brand had simply outgrown the “Group” portion of our name. Every employee should be extremely proud of their contributions to this great team that is Wolter. We are the future of operational productivity.


After a thorough internal and external analysis of our company, our competition and the markets we serve, it became very clear that the sooner we strengthen our competitive position, the more successful we’ll be in the long run.


The names you are all familiar with aren’t going away overnight. We have a logical transition plan in place to help ensure a successful, systematic roll out of our brand evolution. It’s designed to help us grow awareness for our brand and associate more value than ever with the Wolter name.


As a family-owned business, we see our employees as an extension of our family. We value your expertise and the contributions each of you make to this company’s success. And we will continue to do everything we can to help support you in your role within our organization. Rest assured we will make every effort to minimize disruption as this transition occurs. It’s also our hope that this brand evolution will give each of you a better sense of your contributions to a team that is literally reshaping the future of the industry.


First and foremost, this brand evolution is going to make every customer and prospect aware of the full range of capabilities we have to offer them today. They’ll also learn that whether their business is big or small, Wolter is uniquely equipped to help them accelerate their operational productivity. Our ability to work with customers to reimagine their productivity solutions can do more than improve their competitive position. We can help them transform today’s expenses into tomorrow’s new revenue streams. To communicate our new brand to customers, we have planned a series of emails that will link to a customer-facing landing page: WeAreWolter.com


This is a phased introduction that will unfold throughout 2021 and become fully effective January 2022. In mid to late May, outbound emails will announce the news to vendors, customers and prospects, and we’ll issue a press release. In addition, we’ll apply transition logos to all of our company websites that will help increase awareness of the new brand until a new website is ready to launch in January 2022. Each Wolter facility and corresponding vehicle fleet will receive a makeover by the end of the year.  This roll out is being handled from corporate to minimize demands on the rest of the Wolter team. 

We began this journey in 1962. This rebrand represents an exciting chapter in our ongoing story. We’re glad you are part of it. Now, together, let’s make the most of it.


Downloadable Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions regarding this brand transition process.

Wolter Brand Snapshot

Learn more about the mission, vision and values that make the Wolter brand unique.

Logo Evolution Graphic

Download a handy graphic to see when each phase of our brand evolution will go into effect.

Wolter Brand Guide

Interested in all the graphic elements that make up the Wolter brand (like color palettes, typefaces and iconography)? This guide’s for you.

Brand Messaging Deck

Understanding who we are is the first step in becoming what we want to be. This messaging deck outlines our mission, vision and values, and encapsulates the Wolter brand experience.

Internal Email #1

First of 3 emails from Jerry Weidmann to all Wolter employees explaining the rebranding process